Greenwell Equipment

19 September 2016

Balloter councillors thank Greenwell as relief distribution centre moves

Ballater’s Flood Relief Distribution centre will be relocated after it waves goodbye to the containers and office donated by an Aberdeen company.

The two large containers and one portacabin, donated by Greenwell Equipment Ltd, have been located in the Church Street Car Park in Ballater for the last six months and have been used as the base for the Ballater Flood Relief Distribution Centre. 

Items stored and distributed to flood victims include TVs, small kitchen appliances, crockery, cutlery, utensils, bedding and duvets, clothes, shoes, boots, coats and jackets, pots and pans, food, baby items, new toiletries, socks and pants, cleaning products and overalls etc.

Larger items, needed by families who lost their homes due to the excessive rainfall in December 2015, such as beds and other furniture have been stored in other donated containers in Ballater. 

The Ballater Flood Relief Distribution Centre has been manned by volunteers on a weekly basis and many people affected by the flood have been assisted.

Janelle Clark, Marr Area Manager, said: “Ballater is making good progress in the recover form the flooding in December. One of the many contributory factors has been assistance from volunteers and donations of household items. This would not have been possible without the invaluable donation from Greenwell Equipment of the storage containers to hold the many items donated by the public and also the portacabin whereby it was possible to coordinate the ongoing assistance by the volunteers”.  

Richy Turnbull from Greenwell Equipment said: “We were delighted to help the residents of Ballater after Storm Frank. Shipping containers can have a variety of uses but storing underwear and crockery is a little more unusual. It is good to see Ballater getting back on its feet, and we are pleased to have done our part.”