Aberdeen Sports Village

3 October 2016

Fast food, fast living, fast Fresher 15lbs

With Freshers weeks over, there is a new infiltration of students in universities across the country and as they settle into a new life away from home it is a well-known fact that they have to look after the pounds in more ways than one. 

Research over the years has shown that on average students put on 10-15lbs of weight during first year at university, which is often referred to as fresher 15 or fresher spread! 

Now, this is usually down to a number of factors including stress, unhealthy eating and, of course, drinking more alcohol. 

However, Aberdeen’s premier sports club, Aberdeen Sports Village, is encouraging students to buck this trend and kick off their newfound freedom with a healthier lifestyle. 

Although some of the weight gain in student life can be blamed on a lack of cooking skills and nutritional knowledge, there are also the added issues of peer pressure to go out partying and the extra workload from uni life leading to stress eating. 

However, Kyle Greig, Health and Fitness Manager of Aberdeen Sports Village claims that students can still enjoy all the benefits of student life by incorporating it with healthy eating and exercise. 

He said: “It’s no secret that once young people have left home for university they want to spread their wings but that normally includes going out more and relying on convenience foods, take-aways and late night snacking to fuel their energy. 

“That’s fine but in moderation and one of the best ways to manage stress and wellbeing is to enjoy regular exercise and ensure that good, fresh, healthy food is on the agenda to counteract the cheat days and nights.” 

Aberdeen Sports Village is a world-class venue which includes a state-of-the-art gym, athletics facilities, a vast timetable of exercise classes, squash and racquets courts and an Olympic size swimming pool and diving centre. 

Located just off the city’s King Street and in the heart of Aberdeen’s university life, it boasts a superb community spirit for new students looking to keep their body as lean as their minds during their studies. 

So, what are the best tips for students trying to avoid the Fresher 15 creeping into their lives and their jeans! 

* Never skip breakfast as you need to fuel your day ahead to avoid eating sugary snacks later. So, start the day with a healthy breakfast, such as eggs on toast or porridge and fruit. 

* Have mini meals every four hours and opt for healthy snacks such as nuts or berries. 

* Avoid fizzy drinks which are full of calories and, instead, drink lots of water to stay hydrated and the bonus is that water is calorie free. 

* Join a good sports club as this will encourage you to exercise regularly and try to mix up your exercise routine so you don’t lose interest. Challenge yourself by setting goals or try out a new sport. 

* Find some fitness buddies to stay in shape with. This means that when you’re tempted to give in and head to the pub, you will be less likely to let your friends down. 

* Get plenty of sleep – in between the late nights, try to get some in some good shuteye and remember that exercise helps you to sleep and helps to manage stress levels. 

* Eat pizza….go on, enjoy yourself, but have a salad too! 

Aberdeen Sports Village has some superb student memberships available as part of its One Lifestyle Membership initiative, which gives members access to most of the facilities available at the venue, including the Aquatics Centre. There’s even a special nine months membership deal, which is ideal for students travelling away from the city during holidays. 

Therefore, students can fight against the dreaded fresher 15 by keeping fit as well as having fun during the university years by either just going to the gym more or getting involved in a new sport, such as racquet sports, athletics or even diving. 

So, the expert advice, is go out, spread your wings, have fun but get some balance in your life with some regular exercise and good, fresh food too. 

And if you need to boost your motivation, pop into Aberdeen Sports Village for a tour of the fantastic facilities on your doorstep.